To Lore and Elias

you added your names
to ever rotting woods, to
trees ripped from their roots

among the other
little sharpie headstones and
permanent mistakes

I sometimes wonder
if you walk in waking dreams
or nightmares endured

do you live in the
weary mind of the other
as lover or lesson?

I like to think you
found a way to wander back
to this little forest

look back at your names
together and smile at your
sweet naivety

I like to think you’re
sitting in some other booth
on some other day

and carving your names
in everlasting stones that
never turn to sand

but if you did fall
out of love like shooting stars
I hope you look up

every now and then
up to the dark satin skies
where you used to live

look up into the
black heavenly past and find
a touch of silver

reconnect the dots
and count the constellations
you forgot and say

if nothing else we
remember, let’s remember
that we learned.

lore and elias.jpg

*Inspired by the graffiti in Woodstock’s Pizza. To Lore and Elias, I hope you guys made it.

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