If Atlas Shrugged

is it day or night dawning on the horizon?
blood across my eyes runs too thick to tell
i wonder each morning how the Sky grows
heavier in day when stars no longer press on me
i wonder, Sky. last century, i asked You why
but i’ve stopped asking why. i just wonder now
if bones should break beneath the Clouds
skin blow away in the Wind with all you many
card houses. i wonder if the Sky would
crush you too? would it fall on you? i wonder
would your diamond castles stand beneath
its weight? surely, they are stronger than these
snapping sinews. if shoulders buckled under
Sun should you be so surprised? have you felt
the weight of Day when Night still lies behind?
have you bowed before the burden of loudest
Thunder? gone down on your knees for a Storm?
i have seen everything i have done under the Sun
i don’t watch anymore as i fill the Sky with dew
is it day or night setting on the horizon
flood within my eyes swells too deep to tell

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